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Halloween, saving money, frugalA FRUGAL HALLOWEEN
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Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. It's a creative, festive and sometimes scary time. One thing you don't have to be scared of is blowing a lot of money on it. Why? Because the frugal Yankee knows the best ways to save money and have a frightfully good time.

I mean you can spend lots of bucks if you want.Check this out. For Halloween 2012, it is expected that Americans will spend $1.94 billion on candy, $1.89b on decorations, $1.21b on costumes for adults and $1.05b on children's costumes.

Of course merchants want you to go out and spend. Halloween is big business. There are plenty of manufactured duds to entice the time pressed or uncreative types. Yet it is no where near as fun as making your own costume especially with kids. Here are two pages with ideas to get you started.


Creating the right gateway for "trick-or-treaters" is paramount to a scarily good time. Unleash your inner demon's creativity by carving a truly marvelously hideous creation. Place it on the front stoop, lit with a simple candle, play a little creaky mood music and you're all set to welcome a passel of young'uns. To help in your aspiration to create a pumpkin of renown, the Frugal Yankee offers a PUMPKIN CARVING PRIMER There are ideas, links and tips all designed to help the highly artistic as well as the challenged, like me.

You hear it all the time, but HALLOWEEN SAFETY is important. This report goes beyond the basic wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight. Every parent should be well versed in these precautions.

Halloween is a creative time for making costumes, decorating the house, playing games, etc. Here are 13 FIENDISHLY, SMART HALLOWEEN TIPS. From creating shrunken heads to basic homemade make-up these tips are a lot of fun and just as importantly frugal.

For some tongue in cheek fun, check out WHAT HORROR MOVIES TAUGHT US from our friends at the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival.

Halloween is a wonderful time of the year. It's a great time to do things together, to be creative and have a good laugh. Enjoy it with friends and family. It's quite the treat.

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